Chapter Review

Though we have been “on the air,” as it were, for just a short while, with tonight’s passing of the decade, a bit of a review seems in order.

We have informed you of The Event itself, the Dapper Dan Dash / Shannon Tweed Ride, to occur on Sunday, January 10, 2010 (or 01/10/10 for those of you into numerals).  2:00 p.m., gathering at the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge, just east of the Lamar Blvd. bridge over the body of water formerly known as “Town Lake.”

We have suggested that the participants wear tweed, leather, woolens, knickers, and generally Victorian era-to-1930’s attire.  Though the wearing of such dress is not absolutely required, if you do choose to do so,  it will make The Event a bit of alright.

We have imposed a restriction against wearing Lycra garments.  Perhaps a bit of clarification is in order on this latter issue.  In reviewing the fibre content of our knee socks, we have discovered that they contain a certain percentage of said material.  So, what we mean when we say “no Lycra,” we are referring to the modern outfits typically worn by bicycle road racers.  “Kit,” is the word, I believe.  While all are certainly welcome to participate, those choosing to wear their “kit” may feel themselves a bit of an anachronism.

We have suggested the proper type of bicycle for participation in this ride.  While not absolutely necessary, having gear of the Sturmey-Archer variety on your bicycle will certainly go a long way towards the spirit of The Event.

We have also suggested the wearing of proper headgear, whether a bicycle helmet, a bowler (or “derby,” as it is known in the States), a flat cap, a cloche hat for the ladies, etc.   

In the coming days, we will offer more suggestions for participation in this ride. 

One note about these writings… It has come to our attention that there have been some misconceptions about what will happen during The Event.  In particular, some have written that we are going to have the exact same “contests” as have occurred at other tweed rides around the globe.  Perhaps our humble offerings on this site have been too subtle.  To repeat – we are NOT HAVING ANY CONTESTS, save for a possible “best facial hair” category.  We would commend you to carefully read the instructions again, as a successful event is ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON STRICT ADHERENCE TO THE RULES.

Also, one bit of crass commercialism – limited-edition mementos of this ride, which may be affixed to one’s bicycle by intertwining in the spokes, are currently available at our gracious sponsor’s establishment – namely, The Peddler Bike Shop.  There may also be some available at The Event itself.  Profits from the sale of said objects will go to The Yellow Bike Project.

Well, then, Happy New Year to all.  For those who are participating in the multiple rides occurring this evening, we urge you to take care.

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