Gov’mint warning… smoking may cause all sorts of stuff…

Continuing with the accoutrements theme…

Perhaps it is due to the British heritage of the tweed ride (owing maybe to England being the home of the famed Alfred Dunhill Co.), but in searching around these here internets, it appears to us that a necessary accessory for such events is the smoking pipe.

London Tweed Run pipe

Another London Tweed Run pipe

Upon closer inspection, it appears that some of the participants are using their pipes as mere props and not actual accessories.  Whilst these individuals may intend on someday utilizing their implements, the unscorched white meerschaum shown in the following photographs serves as evidence that their pipes, perhaps newly purchased for the event, have not seen the business end of a match…


Obviously unsmoked pipe


Another unsmoked pipe, seen in D.C.

These folks may just as well be using their pipes to blow bubbles…

Looks like a bit of fun, nonetheless

My own humble collection demonstrates obvious use –

A smattering of the author's pipes

 After but a few smokings, meerschaum will take on the markings of obvious combustion of tobacco…

A well-used calabash pipe

 As an aside, while the above-pictured pipe may evoke images of Sherlock Holmes, I would note that none of the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mention the consulting detective’s use of a calabash pipe.  Rather, he smoked clay pipes, briars, and a cherrywood on occasion.  The use of the calabash is entirely an invention of one of the early actors playing Holmes.

In any event, I won’t be heard to complain if you show up with an unused pipe… just show up, and we’ll be happy.

this bike is a pipe rack

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  1. Sounds like great fun. Do you know of any similar rides in Southern California? I’d love to join such a ride and show support for fellow brothers of the leaf (or briar or meerschaum as you prefer).

    • Well, sir, there was a ride of sorts in San Diego on December 12, and there is one planned in Ventura on February 5, 2010.
      Myself, I plan to take a nice Hardcastle sandblast 1/8th bent with me on Sunday. I don’t advise taking a meerschaum pipe out on a bike ride… a bit too delicate, I think.

  2. Hey there! While doing some internet shopping for ‘pipe racks’ I found the above picture of the pipe rack for a bike. I would love to purchase one but they’re pretty tricky to find on the internet. Will you please email me the info on where I can buy one? Thank you!

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