Mea culpa

In responding to some questions I have received in reference to my diatribe on proper smoking implements, I have stumbled across an item which would cause me to revisit that particular rant.

Those who have faithfully followed these few words may recall two photographs I posted, showing gents with obviously unsmoked pipes. For those whose computer screens do not permit scrolling down, I will most considerately repeat the photographs here:

DC tweed ride participant with unsmoked pipe

Another DC tweed ride participant, with another unsmoked pipe

As you may recall, I most cavalierly commented that these gents were using said pipes as mere props. While I did not say so at the time, I thought how careless it was to bring a delicate new meerschaum pipe out on a bicycle jaunt. Well, how silly of me to think that these folks would have actually put some effort into the details of their particular costumes. It appears that these pipes are, in all probability, nothing but polymer facsimilies of actual smoking implements:

A child's toy, available from your local novelties purveyor

Well, I guess you could say these gents made an attempt at proper dress and accessories, however feeble. So, I publicly apologize for my prior posting.

Carry on.

p.s. We are watching the weather, and while it will be cold, the current prognostications put the proposed temperatures for the ride at 50 degrees (farenheit scale), plus or minus a few, with sunny skies. I would venture that such conditions would be just about perfect, wouldn’t you say?

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