Postscript, v.2

We don’t quite know how to tell you this… we are awfully sorry, but after a dilligent search, we are unable to confirm the existence of any textile-producing establishments in the township of Shannon, County Clare, Ireland. It seems that there isn’t any such fabric as “shannon tweed.” Nevertheless, we shall maintain our position that our ride was not named after the 1982 Ms. Playmate of the Year. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. (Although that label did look a little funny…)

Anyway, it occured to us that, tweed being the miracle fiber that it is, and given the plethora of tweed rides around the country, nay, the world, we ought to have more activities featuring the wearing of such clothing. Let’s start with tweed cyclo-cross… no, wait, we did that already, on the second leg of our “social” ride this past Sunday. How about tweed bike polo? Tweed crit-races !!! A tweed tour-de-Texas !!!

And let’s not only focus on tweed-and-bike activities… how about a nice little game of tweed basketball?

Anyone for tweed hoops?

Tweed football –

Tweed football a/k/a rugby

tweed baseball –

Take me out to the tweed game

tweed track and field –

Tweed track shoe

Oh, heck, let’s just go for it… tweed scuba-diving –

Again, thanks to all who participated. Next time around, if there is a next time, we will be sure to slow down the pace, so that the resulting ride is a little more mellow, Johnny. (see what I did there?)

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  1. Love the Chucks. Also, a suggestion…have you considered a Facebook account? I missed out on the ride due to lack of diligence on my part, which is to say not keeping up with the blog.

  2. Howdy! Here’s a gallery from the Ride.
    thanks for organising a fun day, Enjoy,

    • Nice daguerreotypes there, Sandy. Thanks for posting.

  3. hey when are you going to plan up another tweed ride?
    RidingPretty sure has posted alot of tweed flyers, Austin is slacking.

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