What ??!! Are you still here?

Good heavens, man, it’s been months since the Ride, and yet there are still those who visit.

Well, alright then. While this blog was primarily established to inform those intending to participate in the Ride, a clear subtext was to provide advice on proper attire and accessories. Unfortunately, a fairly recent misuse of the Queen’s English has arisen in the field of haberdashery, and in the interest of public service, it behooves me to provide a bit of correction to those stumbling about in the wilderness.

To wit:

This is a button-down shirt:

Button-down shirt, from Brooks Brothers, natch.

See the buttons on the collar points? The collar buttons down onto the shirt itself. Hence the term. When one is out riding polo ponies, one doesn’t want one’s collar flapping about in the breeze, and so Brooks Brothers developed the button-down collar in the late 1800s to address this particular situation.

It has come to this writer’s attention, however, that some less-informed souls out there use the term “button-down” to refer to any shirt with buttons “down” the front placket:

The use of the term “button-down” to refer to a shirt that does NOT have a button-down collar is a form of illiteracy up with which I will not put. Folks, let’s be careful out there when describing apparel, lest you be made to look like an idiot.

On another subject, some folks have asked if and when we will be having another Dapper Dan Dash/Shannon Tweed Ride. As we have discussed above, having a ride like this when its likely to be 90+ degrees Farenheit outside is sheer lunacy. So we will wait until the ol’ sun cools down to a gentle sear. Perhaps the ride will be in conjunction with the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, scheduled to take place in JanuaryFebruary, 2011. Watch this space for further details.

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  1. I’m starching my very best shammy now, cannot wait to roll dapper again!

  2. Hmm i don’t lag maybe because i have good internet service oh and y’all should add me

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