¡El Dapper Dan Dash Dos!

Yes, we just can’t ignore the gathering drum-beats… we suppose we need to put on another one of these things… if only for irony’s sake!

Of course, that dang el niño has the temperature approaching 90 friggin’ degrees farenheit today, so we will need to resort to the Farmer’s Almanac and decide on a date when the weather will be a bit more conducive… we will shoot for another record-breaking cold front as we had for the first ride. We are looking at various dates in the January/February time-frame – ample notice for you to gather appropriate attire.

As they say, watch this space for further details…

Published in: on November 24, 2010 at 11:42 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. I do say my good man, the weather is beginning to feel just right. If you require any assistance in your endeavor, I will be at your beck and call.
    jimmy dash coffill at sbc global dot net

    • James – I trust your chain is in good repair. We’re looking forward to seeing you on your truckster (your lorry?).

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