A bit of a meteorological update

Sincere apologies to followers of this humble little site… I fear I have not provided the frequent updates regarding the upcoming event to which you have become accustomed.

In any event, it feels like we finally have some winter around here, though I can do without the drizzle – just enough to make things slippery, but not a beneficial amount of moisture. I say go ahead and rain for a couple of days, then clear up.

We do have some cooler temperatures on the way. Things are supposed to get below freezing for a bit, then warm up for this weekend. Alas, we won’t be having the record-breaking cold front as we had last year, but with any luck, that 30% chance of rain for this coming Sunday will yield perfect conditions for the ride.

The tweed will come in handy, after all. Lube up your chains, inflate your tyres to the proper pressure, check your brakes. Do go visit the establishment of our gracious sponsor, The Peddler Bike Shop, for necessary adjustments to your vehicle. And when visiting that particular merchant, please be advised that the sign out front which states “Surly” is not intended to be a description of the temperament of the associates working inside. Rather, I have found them to be quite cheery chaps.

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  1. looking forward to it!

  2. Now this is cold:
    Bring those warm tweed gloves so this doesn’t happen to you.
    AJ – (hah,the other one)

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