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There has been a certain level of concern voiced among our ride patrons about the refreshments served at The Peddler Bike Shop at the end of our ride. In particular, some have wondered about our method of brewing tea, as if this one criterium determines the level of one’s anglo-phile-ness.

Let me assure you that we use the finest bulk teas in our tea urn. We use a slow-steep method, in which the tea is brewed in the urn continuously as we are out riding. At the time we arrive at the shop, the tea is warm, ready to be served. And, while I am not personally opposed to such procedures, we do not use the tea bagging method in brewing our tea.

Last year, the few true Brits who were in attendance pronounced our tea to be “a proper cup.” You can’t get a finer endorsement than that.

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  1. Well, that’s the tea statement. What about the scones? Just FYI, scones do NOT contain blueberries, cranberries, frosting, cinnamon, or other aldulterations. A proper scone may have currants, but often is just a scone, with no fruity or sugary additions.

    • Thanks for the advice, Tom. Unfortunately, due to our desire to make a showing at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, our schedule has changed a bit, so we may not have an opportunity to bake our own scones. We may have to make do with whatever our local bakery produces as “scones.” The varieties we get here seem to be a cross between a biscuit (cookie) and cake. We fear we may not have authentic scones at the end of our little soiree. I extend my most profound apologies in advance.


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