Watch this space…

O.k., so the local weather-folks have upgraded their forcasts for Sunday… rain chances, 70%, possible thunder-storms…

Now I know some of you folks are just waiting for the opportunity to sport your new Brooks rain cape. There are others among us whom are perhaps of a more civilised bent, who aren’t used to being outdoors in the bare elements. We may, therefore, be postponing the ride, in favor of more favorable weather. Perhaps we should just go ahead and re-schedule for 02/27/2011, so we can all show up over at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show…

In any event, stay tuned for further details…

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Weather update, v.2

Those dang weatherforecasters… boy, that’s hard to say [type] with a straight face…
So as of this writing, the experts are saying isolated T-storms, 30% chance of rain, a low of a mere 46 degrees.
While a little drizzle never hurt anyone, and tweed will certainly stand up to a bit of precipitation, if we start getting lightning, we’ll have to get everybody out of the pool…

We never thought about having rain contingency plans. We remember last year’s ride, having had a record cold front come in over the weekend, temperatures were predicted to be in the low ‘teens. And then at ride time, we had just about the most perfect weather a bloke could hope for.

All this is to say that we’re still on. See you on Sunday.

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A bit of a meteorological update

Sincere apologies to followers of this humble little site… I fear I have not provided the frequent updates regarding the upcoming event to which you have become accustomed.

In any event, it feels like we finally have some winter around here, though I can do without the drizzle – just enough to make things slippery, but not a beneficial amount of moisture. I say go ahead and rain for a couple of days, then clear up.

We do have some cooler temperatures on the way. Things are supposed to get below freezing for a bit, then warm up for this weekend. Alas, we won’t be having the record-breaking cold front as we had last year, but with any luck, that 30% chance of rain for this coming Sunday will yield perfect conditions for the ride.

The tweed will come in handy, after all. Lube up your chains, inflate your tyres to the proper pressure, check your brakes. Do go visit the establishment of our gracious sponsor, The Peddler Bike Shop, for necessary adjustments to your vehicle. And when visiting that particular merchant, please be advised that the sign out front which states “Surly” is not intended to be a description of the temperament of the associates working inside. Rather, I have found them to be quite cheery chaps.

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Let’s saddle up and ride.

Here ya go, pardner…

Our newest handbill

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You go back, Jack, do it again…

Wheels turnin’ round and round…

We’ve set the date for ¡El Dapper Dan Dash Dos!

Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. We will gather up at the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge and take off from there. We will end up at the Peddler Bicycle Shop, at 51st and Duval, for tea and scones. The route is still in the planning stages.

Anyway, we figured we are giving ample notice for you to put together suitable togs for this event.

A bit of an advert

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¡El Dapper Dan Dash Dos!

Yes, we just can’t ignore the gathering drum-beats… we suppose we need to put on another one of these things… if only for irony’s sake!

Of course, that dang el niño has the temperature approaching 90 friggin’ degrees farenheit today, so we will need to resort to the Farmer’s Almanac and decide on a date when the weather will be a bit more conducive… we will shoot for another record-breaking cold front as we had for the first ride. We are looking at various dates in the January/February time-frame – ample notice for you to gather appropriate attire.

As they say, watch this space for further details…

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What ??!! Are you still here?

Good heavens, man, it’s been months since the Ride, and yet there are still those who visit.

Well, alright then. While this blog was primarily established to inform those intending to participate in the Ride, a clear subtext was to provide advice on proper attire and accessories. Unfortunately, a fairly recent misuse of the Queen’s English has arisen in the field of haberdashery, and in the interest of public service, it behooves me to provide a bit of correction to those stumbling about in the wilderness.

To wit:

This is a button-down shirt:

Button-down shirt, from Brooks Brothers, natch.

See the buttons on the collar points? The collar buttons down onto the shirt itself. Hence the term. When one is out riding polo ponies, one doesn’t want one’s collar flapping about in the breeze, and so Brooks Brothers developed the button-down collar in the late 1800s to address this particular situation.

It has come to this writer’s attention, however, that some less-informed souls out there use the term “button-down” to refer to any shirt with buttons “down” the front placket:

The use of the term “button-down” to refer to a shirt that does NOT have a button-down collar is a form of illiteracy up with which I will not put. Folks, let’s be careful out there when describing apparel, lest you be made to look like an idiot.

On another subject, some folks have asked if and when we will be having another Dapper Dan Dash/Shannon Tweed Ride. As we have discussed above, having a ride like this when its likely to be 90+ degrees Farenheit outside is sheer lunacy. So we will wait until the ol’ sun cools down to a gentle sear. Perhaps the ride will be in conjunction with the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, scheduled to take place in JanuaryFebruary, 2011. Watch this space for further details.

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Postscript, v.2

We don’t quite know how to tell you this… we are awfully sorry, but after a dilligent search, we are unable to confirm the existence of any textile-producing establishments in the township of Shannon, County Clare, Ireland. It seems that there isn’t any such fabric as “shannon tweed.” Nevertheless, we shall maintain our position that our ride was not named after the 1982 Ms. Playmate of the Year. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. (Although that label did look a little funny…)

Anyway, it occured to us that, tweed being the miracle fiber that it is, and given the plethora of tweed rides around the country, nay, the world, we ought to have more activities featuring the wearing of such clothing. Let’s start with tweed cyclo-cross… no, wait, we did that already, on the second leg of our “social” ride this past Sunday. How about tweed bike polo? Tweed crit-races !!! A tweed tour-de-Texas !!!

And let’s not only focus on tweed-and-bike activities… how about a nice little game of tweed basketball?

Anyone for tweed hoops?

Tweed football –

Tweed football a/k/a rugby

tweed baseball –

Take me out to the tweed game

tweed track and field –

Tweed track shoe

Oh, heck, let’s just go for it… tweed scuba-diving –

Again, thanks to all who participated. Next time around, if there is a next time, we will be sure to slow down the pace, so that the resulting ride is a little more mellow, Johnny. (see what I did there?)

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There’s a point in the book The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, by that most dapper gent, Tom Wolfe, which demonstrates a particular theory of group consciousness. Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, having just attended a concert by the Beatles, returned to their little ranch-ette/compound, and posted a sign, painted on a bedsheet, on their roof. The sign read “Welcome Beatles!” In their LSD-induced logic, Kesey and his followers believed that, by hoping, wishing and praying, the Fab Four would just drop by after their concert to party with the Pranksters. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.

I am reminded of this story (having read the book as an assignment in my sophomore year of high school, some untold decades ago) from some post-mortem discussions of The Event – the Dapper Dan Dash / Shannon Tweed Ride. You see, there were some who believed that, if we post a few cryptic messages on Craig’s List, print up some rudimentary hand-bills, send out some pleas to the local Austin bike blogs, and do some underground word-of-mouth advertising, that Sir Lance-a-lot himself might show up to our little soiree. Well, it didn’t happen. After all, we weren’t sponsored by Radio Shack. OR Tandy Leather Corp. (Am I wrong, or weren’t these two somehow connected to each other in the wayyyyy distant past?)

Despite Mr. Armstrong’s obvious absence, I think we had a good experience, for the most part. While we did not take an official census, we believe somewhere in the neighbourhood of sixty to eighty folks showed up, rockin’ in tweed, various other woolens, caps, bowlers, top hats, goggles, just an assortment of stuff. Sure, we were in the midst of a record-breaking cold front, but the temperature at ride-time was a balmy mid-40s.

Speaking of ride-time, my own timepiece had lost its horological innards, replaced by a tube patch kit, and I was without means of keeping good time.

pocket watch - patch kit

We therefore departed at a fashionably late hour.

Unfortunately, our pace was a bit swift to my liking, and we ended up dropping various folks along the way. We went astray of our published route, opting for a stop at a different pub than one on which we had originally planned. While the atmosphere at this alternate establishment was certainly befitting of our theme, the “upland route” we took to get there was, ummm, a bit rough in some spots. What was really amazing was that Jason and his awesome bike stereo survived the route. Jason, you really went above and beyond. You must have consulted some ethnomusicologist from the University of Texas in order to come up with that playlist. Period ragtime, Depression-era hits, Al Johlson, Karlheinz Stockhausen for the steampunks, a smattering of Zappa thrown in, this guy had it all. Pardon, but I believe the phrase is “dude, you rocked.”

I guess I should have been prepared for anything after I saw my son, your co-host having just arrived from his previous ride. I was wondering just what he was doing with that wine-bottle cork, burning the end of it and rubbing it on his face. Then he explained it all to me – he was made up as an open-cockpit RAF pilot.

Our thanks to all for coming out. Apologies to all who had a less-than-smashing time. All errors in judgment/planning of this event were strictly those of the author. The Peddler Bike Shop and its staff should be held completely blameless of any shortcomings.

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Bona fides

Thanks to all who braved the record cold (for Austin, anyway) weather and came out yesterday. While a more proper de-briefing will come later, we’ve set up a flickr group for your photos. We would humbly request that you post your photos on that group, if you please, to serve as public evidence that the ride actually did occur.

Update: Pardon me; I’m still new to this internets stuff (and my computing machine still runs on kerosene). Anyway, I think I’ve got the flickr group corrected so that you don’t need to actually have a Yahoo log-in just to be able to view the photos. You do, however, need to be a Yahoo member (and perhaps be one of our Baker Street Irregulars) in order to post photos to the group.

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